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Now you can apply Marriage Certificate in BMC offices in Mumbai Online

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Its must to Register your marriage even after Its solemnized (Duly performed) as per Customs & Traditions, By registering your Marriage formally not only makes it Valid & Legal as per law, But also Provide legal proof of marriage –Marriage Certificate, a very vital documents for any married Couple for their Safety, admin, Civil & Legal Purposes

The Below content will throw lights on How to Apply & or Get Marriage Certificate in Mumbai from BMC (directly or on own), The Procedure, Document list, Fees, Eligibility, Time duration etc,
for any queries call 09321006000, We offer best professional service & will take care of the entire process from Document collection from your home to Delivery of marriage certificate @ your door step, Making your experience easy & Stress free

BMC Register Marriage & Issues Marriage Certificate only if

⇒ Marriage is already solemnized.
⇒ Marriage Solemized with in the Geographical boundaries of Maharashtra
⇒ Resident of Mahrashtra
⇒ Marriage is solemized on or after 1998
⇒ If Both the parties ( Bride & Groom ) are either Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain by birth or at the time of Marriage.

The Documents required for applying marriage certificate in BMC

Please Note : The Meeting with Officials are by Prior appointment by online, Thus its highly advisable to get ready all the required documents, with attestation etc before appointment, to avoid hassles, stress, waste of time and energy due to Multiple visits & Appointments

The Documents plays a very vital role in getting the marriage certificate approved. The Along with the basic below documents, some cases also requires additional documents, Basic Documents includes : ID & Address proof of Bride, Groom & Witness, Age Proof, Proof Of Marriage, Photos of Bride, Groom & Witness, joint Photo of Bride and Groom, Affidavits etc, Kindly submit your requirement & download the Documents list

The Procedure to Apply Marriage in BMC office in Mumbai

The Procedure to apply Marriage certificate involves several steps both ( Online & Offline ), The Process is not completely Online. kindly follow the steps :
⇒ Get the all the documents in the list ready before applying of both Bride, Groom and Witness
⇒ Login in MCGM official site and open Marriage certificate section, Fill FORM D
⇒ After filling the mandatory details, & paying fee successfully, appointment Date & Receipt gets issued
⇒ On the date of appointment, Bride, Groom & Witnesses need to visit the respective BMC ward, with all documents
⇒ Up on the Approval of the marriage certificate, Fees needs to be paid
⇒ Get the Copy of Marriage certificate, and get it attested with the authorized official & BMC stamp

The Cost for applying Marriage Certificate

The marriage Certificate issued by the BMC is not FREE, Apart from the government Fees to Register the marriage, there are few additional admin charges, kindly refer the following to get exact budget.
⇒ Government Fee while submitting FORM D
⇒ Government fee for registration of Marriage ( depending on the duration of Marriage from the date of registration )
⇒ The cost for The Marriage Affidavit with Registered Notary
⇒ The cost for Additional affidavit incase of non availability of original Wedding Card.
⇒ The cost for Additional Affidavits in case of Religion etc, Gazette in Case of Name change
⇒ The cost for Xerox copy of all the Document with True copy & self attested
⇒ The cost for 4 Passport Photos of ( Bride, Groom & witness ) & 2 B2 size Joint Photo of Bride & Groom
⇒ The cost for Minimum 2/3 visits to Respective BMC office if all cleared in single visit
⇒ The cost for Color Print copy of Marriage Certificate & Lamination

The Times duration to get Marriage Certificate

Mostly the time is consumed in getting all the required documents ready, After From D submission & Fee Payment, Appointment date is issued depending on the availability of slot, and after the submission of Document at BMC with in 7 to 15 working Days ( Depending on the workload ), The Status of the application is Issued Later fee payment for registration of Marriage and Getting the copy of Marriage certificate authorized. In short if all goes well from the after the form is submitted in BMC, the Time duration will be 7 to 21 Days.

Eligibility to Register Marriage & apply Marriage Certificate in India.

⇒ The bride must be at least 18 years old & The Groom must be at least 21 years old at the time of marriage
⇒ The parties should not fall within the degree of prohibited relationship
⇒ Both Bride & Groom should not be subsisting any valid marriage with any other person at the time of marriage
⇒ Both Bride & Groom should be in their mental capacity to the extent to give valid consent for their marriage.
Note : A marriage failing to cover above point will be considered null and void

Marriage Certificate is just a ordinary Paper, But a very vital & valuable Document, A proof of Marriage. Its More Important specially for any Married women for their Social Security & Self Confidence. There are Many Reasons why Marriage Certificate is Important, listed are some of the reason why one must apply for marriage certificate
◘ Evidence of Marriage
◘ Applying for Couple Visa
◘ Claiming of Bank Deposits / Life Insurance / Mutual Funds
◘ Any Future Martial Disputes / NRI
◘ Addition of Spouse Name in Documents
◘ Probation of Will

Q 1 : I got Married in 1996 in Mumbai, Can i Apply Marriage certificate Now in BMC?
Ans : As Per Rules, Marriages solemnized before 1998, cannot be registered in BMC, Need to registered Marriage in Marriage Registrar Office in Mumbai for details call or whatsapp 9321006000

Q 2 : What should the Age of the Bride & Groom at the time of Marriage, as per Law ?
Ans : As Indian Law, Bride should be 18 yrs old completed & Groom should be 21 yrs old completed at the time of Marriage, or else it will be considered as child marriage, which is a offense in India.

Q 3 : I got Married in Nagpur & i reside in Bandra, where should i Apply Marriage certificate ?
Ans : As you have got married in geographical territory of Maharashtra, you can apply for your marriage certificate in Mumbai, Need to approach the BMC ward fro your locality or for assistance call – 9321006000