Change of Name after Divorce in Maharashtra

How to Change Name / Middle / Surname to Maiden Name for major after Divorce in Maharashtra

You are at the Right Place, we will provide you the entire details regarding the Change of Name after Divorce in Maharashtra. The following are detailed information about the Concerned certificate to support a change of name Document, Documents required, Procedure to Apply, Where to Apply, how many days it takes to get Change of name done, Important tips while applying etc.

In India, an after marriage ladies surname & Father name get replaced with spouse / Husband name & Surname. whereas in some part of India, even her first name gets changed but is the Martial chord is disturbed and if the divorce is granted to the couple, the Female get back to its maiden Identity and its mandatory to Update the current Name in all the utility documents. Even with Divorce Decree, you cannot change the name to Maiden in documents like pan card, aadhar, voter card etc.

The official certificate to support a change of name is GAZETTE NOTIFICATION

The Offical Documents / Certificate in INDIA for Change of Name is GAZETTE NOTIFICATION issued by the Directorate of Government Printing & Stationery – Maharashtra. It Official allows the person to change Name and update the new name on documents. The Gazette Notification has 4 important details: Old Name | New Name | Address | Registration No.
Generally, after applying for Gazette Notification & Fee Payment the process Takes around 7 to 14 Days. Gazette is issued every Saturday Only.

The Procedure to change of name / Where to apply for a Change of Name

In case any Major wish to change Name / Middle / Surname to Maiden Name for major after Divorce in Maharashtra, then they need to apply for the Change of name online ( Since the offline system is not available in Maharashtra ) on the official government website, Along with the Proper document required ( without that case will be not accepted ), later the Government official will review your application, and if everything seems fine ( Application, Document, Reason etc. Then they Approve the Case & it gets published in Gazette of Maharashtra.

The document required for change of name after divorce for Major in Maharashtra :

The Document plays a very important role in getting your case clear, kindly follow the list of document required for applying gazette for the change of name after divorce.
For Major / Adults ( Mandatory Documents )
ID Proof: Pan card or Passport or Driving Licence or Aadhar Card or Voters Id
Address proof: Ration Card or Aadhar Card or Electricity Bill
Photo: One Passport Size Photo
Additional Document: Divorce Decree issued by Court ( Incase of Divorce ) etc
Application Form: Duly Signed Application Form with all details Old & New Name, Correspondence address, Contact Details & reason for the Name change

Important Tips:
1. The documents mentioned above are only accepted
2. Divorce Decree issued by Court after divorce is only accepted (Affidavits of any sort are not accepted)
3. The applicant has to be the resident of Maharashtra (Holding address of Maharashtra)
4. The Document should be within Validity