Change of name Gazette in Gujarat

1.Regarding change of name / surname, the applicant will have to sign and sign the photo of the given passport size signed with the notice form recently. Changing the old name will allow the full name of the new name or residence address to be displayed in the sondanam. Proof of Eid and any proof of residence from any of the official figures such as election credentials / card / support card / driving license / passport / ration card / telephone bill / light bill / home bill and proof of any residence. Will have to be present with The non-judicial stamp paper on publishing in the gazette should be presented to the original class magistrate / executive magistrate or the note-signing signature coin containing the original intriguing affidavit for the purpose of publishing the gadget.
3.The designation of individual and individual identities of the South and other states is different, the applicant has no responsibility for the public to make the name public by presenting the original and government bases on the basis of the presently famous Karl Gazette fame. The applicant’s personal responsibility will be on such publicity. Who does not get legal legal.
4.Punishment: In the case of a marriage, the proposed change by the applicant in detail of the affidavit can be changed by changing the name of the divorce quote (Diversity Deed) and pun: the basis of the marriage and the name of the children after the name of the child and the name of the mother and father on the basis of affidavit. The applicant’s personal responsibility will be on publicity. No legal backing

5.In accordance with the legal tangle in the adoption legislation and the inheritance and property marriage matters, under the Hindu Adoption Statement and Maintenance Act – 1956, the provisional provision / update according to the provisional amendment in the Sub-Registrar’s office can be published in the name of the change in name. At the time of adoption, son / daughter is more than 15 years of age will be publicly published on the basis of a nomination court order.
6.The applicant will not be able to change his father’s name. And if his father’s name needs to be changed, then his surviving father will have to make the first name change. At the same time the applicant will have to apply a fixed form window for name change depending on that.
7.(A) A woman applicant who wants to change the name of the married woman’s name / surname, the woman applicant has to submit a copy of marriage certificate or marriage certificate.(B) In case of a long pending marriage of a woman applicant and if the marriage leaflet is inaccessible in the case of government records such as ration card, election card, PAN card, extra card, mention in the case of husband and wife affidavits and government figures, take the fame. Can be given.
8.In case of divorce, the woman applicant will be publicized on the name / surname by issuing a valid affidavit for the purpose of gazette fame, (affidavit), certified copy of the divorce decree of the nominated court (Diversity Deed).
9. In the case of a single mother, in order to release the name of mother after the child’s name, the original single mother of the mother, including the joint photo, the true certified copy of the child’s birth certificate in the case of the applicant.
10.In relation to publishing the name of mother after the name of the child, the name of the mother / mother will be felicitated on the basis of the name of the child on the basis of the child and the mother’s affidavit (affidavit), depending on the different judgments of Gujarat High Court.
11.The applicant made from male or female, from sexual orientation, from woman to woman, for the change of name, the certificate of Civil Surgeon of the Board of Secondary and so-called affidavit.
12.The applicant with the requisite fee / additional copy of name change.
13.For the names of members of the scheduled / unknown classes, in the State Government’s Statement, each application will be published at a reduced rate of 60% instead of 100 / -. The applicant has submitted a true certified copy of the Certificate of Backward Class of the competent authority, along with the form for change in the correctly filled name, along with the signature of the applicant.
14.The time to accept the fees from the face is not available from Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 4.00 on the morning, third and fifth Saturday, and on the day of the public and on the occasion of rises 2.00 to 2.300.
15.Demonstrate full details of money order in money order and notice form.
16.The amount filled in name / surname will be non-refundable.
17.Announcement of date of birth is to fill a sealed fixed form for publicity in government’s circular and it is only publicized in Gujarati language. Registered in the correct date of birth date will be allowed.
18. 18. In case of press release, if there is any typical printing press, then in the case of a two month period, it will be informed to complete the details. Also send copies of the published gazette.
19.With the publication of announcement of name-time change in the state’s circular, no person has any right over any legal provision to change the name or surname in the government or other records. The public is aware that the notice has been published. There is no liability for the government if the unauthorized person has given notice of the authenticity of this advertisement and the change in name / surname. There is no official record or proof of change in the Gazette. The government’s decision to accept or reject the petition for the announcement of name fame in the Gazette will be considered as final.
20.The original affidavit and the other related documents submitted by the applicant, on the occasion of acceptance of the name / surname change notice or on the occasion of acceptance of the notices, are not returned to the applicant.
21.Important instructions / instructions / rules / provisions relating to name / surname change from time to time.