Change of Name of Central Government employee
The Step by Step Procedure, To change Name of the Central Government Employee i.e Employee of Govt of India.
Every States Publish Gazette Notification for Change of Name in the Weekly Gazette, by Publication Department of respective states, But Central Government Employee i.e Employee of Govt of India has to apply for the Gazette Notification in Gazette issued by the Govt of India in New Delhi.
Incase any of the Central Government Employee, Any Individual Employed with Department of Government of INDIA like Department of Defence, Railways, Finance, BARC, etc wish to changes the Name or Correct the Name in existing documents due to Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Re Marriage, Astrology , Numerology or Spelling Error etc has to apply for the Change of Name Gazette Notiifcation in the Gazette Publication issued by DEPARTMENT OF PUBLICATION, MINISTRY OF HOUSING & URBAN AFFAIRS, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in Civil Lines, New Delhi

The Procedure to Apply Change of Name Notification in Gazette of Govt of India
The following 3 important steps needs to be done for legally Changing the name in Gazette of India for Govt of India Employee:
Step 1. Change of Name Notarized Affidavit
Step 2. Change of Name advertisement in Newspapers
Step 3. Gazette Notification for Change of Name

The authority at Gazette department in Gazette of India are very particular about the requirement, so all the Required document & affidavits, Newspaper Publication & applications has to be exactly as per their guidelines & rules or else the application is returned or rejected. so Kindly prepare the applications & Documents carefully & properly to avoid delay.

Step 1 – Change of Name Notarized Affidavit :
The First step is Affidavit, But general Change of Name or one & the same affidavits are not accepted, the Format is prescribed by the department & the affidavit in that particular format is only accepted.
◉ Draft the Affidavit with proper details on the non judicial stamp papers with minimum value with prefixed format.
◉ Check & Sign the affidavit
◉ Get it Notarized from the Local Public Notary of resident location.

Step 2 – Newspaper Advertisement Publication :
The Second step after affidavit is the Publication of change of name advertisement in Local Newspaper. The proper advertisement as per their guidelines is mandatory or else re issue has to be done. so to avoid waste of time & money kindly carefully go thru the guidelines for Newspaper publication.
◉ Publish Change of name newspaper advertisement in any Local Newspaper of your residence city. Be particular about the edition. one is free to choose from any newspaper of your location.
◉ Purchase at least 4 to 5 copies of the Newspaper on the safer side

Step 3 – Gazette Notification for Change of Name :
The Last step is submitting the gazette application to Department of Publication, Government of India, The application Process is totally Offline. The Gazette of India office is located only in Civil Lines, New Delhi. The application can be submitted either by visiting Personally or By Post from any part of India. Kindly carefully arrange the following documents needs to be submitted along with application.
◉ Original Notarized Affidavit
◉ Original Newspapers advertisement Cut out
◉ Passport size Photographs
◉ Duly filled / Signed by self & 2 Witness Gazette Application form provided by gazette of India office
◉ Copy of Gazette Notification content in word format in CD
◉ Applicant Document supporting the cause

Incase visiting personally, one can submit all document personally & Pay fee at counter in Cash, or by post if away, Incase by Post then Kindly take a copy of all document for further reference, Speed Post all the above material in a A4 envelop to Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054, and Payment has to be made in Demand draft favouring Controller of Publication, Department of Publication.

Once the application is accepted and Payment is Done, The copy of gazette will be available on government official site. The time duration incase application submitted personally is 15 to 20 working days & Incase application made by post is 45 to 60 working days.