Apply Gazette for Change of Name in School leaving – LC / University certificate

Hello friends, Myself Vicky Gaikwad – 16 years Old and Iam studing in 10th STD.As I am in 10th std, appearing for my board exam . Before board eaxm we have to fill the SSC examination form. On 22th November, we were filled SSC form . On 25th november result were supposed to be announced, About whose forms are accepted & Declined with reasons.
Teacher announced that out of 60 student, 3 students form has not filled proper name as per birth Certificate hence wont be accepted, & Out of those 3 I was one of them . I told teacher about the mistake in birth certificate and request for correction, Teacher told me that you have spelling mistake in name in school records. Instead of vicky there was Bicky and you have to correct this spelling mistake you need to make a Gazette for Change of Name. Online Gazette Form

Me and family was tensed & I was little frightened about how to do what to do next. and after 3 month gazette my study will remain at a side And I have to be prepared for my s.s.c examination . Then at last i went back to the same teacher & inquired she replied that No need to worry for it, There is no need to local go government gazette office and waiting for long queues at government gazette office and waiting in a long queues to get . Your gazette for name change and other registration and waiting time in long queues at government office . Technology to transportation and service facilities has change our way of lifestyle . Now there is no need to standing long queue and wait for 3-4 hours or more. And my father is working and cannot go there as times is precious, Times money. For this reason Maharastra government has made a online registration of gazette . now your gazette application for name change is few clicks away .

Teacher told me that there are people who make gazette for Change of Name

Change of Name ads – Gazette Consultant Address

205 , Rajasthan Technical centre, Patanwala Estate , L.B.S marg , Ghatkopar (W) , Mumbai – 86
Mobile : 9821914000 / 9821976000 / 9821794000
Tel – 67704000 / 67706500 | Mob – 9821454000
Website –

As I told them I want to make gazette . they told me that you are above 18 years or below 18 years age . I told them that i i am 16 years old . they told me that there are 2 types of gazette general gazette and tatkal ( tatkal is coster then general ) .

Tatkal gazette can be done in 25 to 30 days and the rate is 1100 Rs .

Change of name team provides services to the the customer. After gazette is published we will make it reach to your address.

As you come below 18 years age
Document required for change of name for minor –

Birth certificate
bonafide certificate
As you are studying in school Therefore , school Id
And 2 passport size photo copies

And you can mail your document at
and your problem will be solved by gazette do you want to make ?
general or Tatkal ?
I want to make Tatkal . As I want to fill my s.s.c board Examination form .I have to make gazette fast . So I ave to choose Tatkal procedure . And I want to make preparation of may board exam . As my board examination is coming near .

Maharashtra Online gazette and Change of Name team had made my work easier and simpler . And now I can study for may board examination and now there is no wastage of Time and I can study properly