Tamil Nadu Government Press-Gazette Office in Chennai for Change of Name
The Assistant Director (Publication), Directorate of Stationery and Printing,
110, Anna Salai, Chennai-600 002.
As per the rules a person gets their change of Name its compulsory to Notify it in the Government Gazette and make it official. Tamil Nadu Government Gazette publishes gazettes weekly on every Saturday to notify regarding change of name, change of religion upon Request by Applicants resident of Tamil Nadu state.
There is no Online Application system in Tamil Nadu for applying Gazette for a Change of name or religion, One needs to Physically walk in and Apply at the respective branches. Tamil Nadu Government gazette main office is in Chennai & apart from the main office, there are four Government Branch Press offices in Tamil Nadu ( Madurai, Salem, Pudukkottai, Tiruchirappalli, Virudhachalam ), Kindly get your Entire set of documents ready before visiting to avoid multiple visits, There are Multiple documents required for applying & Some Additional documents can be demanded on case to case basis. Applications also need to Filled along with the documents which can be collected from there but advisable to download, Fill and duly signed by the applicant before the appointment.
As per the rules, it’s Mandatory for a person to get a gazette notification in case he or she has opted for the Change of Name. There are many following circumstances where a person changes their own or their child’s Names.
» Change of Name due to Change of religion,
» Change of Initial due to Adoption or Mothers Re Marriage,
» Maidan to Martial, Addition or Deletion of Spouse name due to Marriage or Divorce,
» Splitting of Name, change of name or Addition of single or multiple characters in existing name due to astrology or Numerology,
» Spelling Mistake or Correction of wrong Name entries in school records or Birth certificate due to mistakes
» Change of Name in Government Records, such as, Provident Fund, Pension Account, Service Record, Retired Government Servants etc.
» Correction or Change of Name in Documents like Passport, Voter / Election ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Educational Certificates, Bank Accounts, Insurance Policy, property Agreement, Driving License etc.

What is the Government Branch Press Office Address in Salem ?

Government Branch Press, Five Road, Salem – 636 004

What is the Government Branch Press Office Address in Madurai ?

Government Branch Press, Madurai – 625 007

What is the Government Branch Press Office Address in Pudukkottai ?

Government Branch Press, Pudukkottai – 622 001

What is the Government Branch Press Office Address in Tiruchirappalli ?

Government Branch Press, Thoovakudi, Trichy – 620 015

What is the Government Branch Press Office Address in Vridhachalam ?

Government Branch Press, Vridhachalam – 606 002

What is the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette copy Sales depot address ?

1. Government Publication Sales Wing, 110, Anna Salai, Chennai-2.
2. Government Publication Sub-Sales Depot, Government Branch Press, High Court Buildings, Chennai-600 104.

what is the Working days / Working hours for Change of name gazette work ?

Its working on Monday to Friday on all Government working days, Between 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM & 02.00 PM to 03.00 PM

How to Apply Change of Name Gazette in Chennai ?

First Needs to Get the application Form, Fill the application form Properly without a single error, Attach the Required documents & Pay Fee.

How to get the Change of Name Gazette Copies ?

Once the Gazette Fee is Paid & When the gazette would be published the copies will be couriered to your address, The copies would be available in Gazette Sales depot as well in case u need extra copies you can get more