Guidelines for change of name for Majors
First of all, we need to look into “What are the rules/procedures/ for doing a change of name for Majors?” What we are talking about is the documentation rules/procedures. Because, without considering these important documentation rules/procedures, you won’t be able to do the change of name for Majors. A person aged 18 years or above is a Major.

1: Make an affidavit: You will need to an affidavit for change of name for majors.
A notary would be the right person to get your affidavit made. He/she would also explain the procedures to you. So, it’s not much of a hassle for you. All you need to mention in the affidavit is your Name and New name that you want (to change to). Then, your present communication address. And, lastly, you will need to mention the reason why you are doing a name change.
As an example, some people do a name change for astrological reasons. Then, most women of a change of name/surname for reason being marriage. The procedure for change of name for central government employees and for married woman are slightly different. We already have a full length article on it. Click here to read. (Change of Name in service records).
In a “change of name for majors” affidavit, you can: change your whole name, or may be just your surname or it could be just some letters, here and there.
Example: (1) Raj can be changed to Raaj. Example: (2) Shalini can be changed to Shaleeni. It’s not a whole new name, but only some spelling changes in the name.
So, since the affidavit can come in use in future too, you should keep it safely!

2: Publish an Advertisement in the newspaper, announcing the change of name for Majors.
The next thing to do after you have mad your affidavit, the change of name guidelines for majors requires you to place an advertisement in the newspaper. You can chose a regional language newspaper (your local/state language), and an English daily to place the advertisement for the change of name guidelines for majors. You can see some of the advertisement samples here. Click here!
3: Apply for a Gazette Notification/Do a Gazette Notification: A notification needs to be published in the Gazette of the concerned state, regarding the change of name for Majors.
The Gazette Notification part is considered, by many, as the final/last procedure while doing a change of name. The Gazette Notification part of the job involves publishing the name change in the State Gazette.
What do you need to do for a change of name for Majors Gazette Notification?
We’ll tell you how to get a change of name for Majors done in the state of Maharashtra state.
The solution is: a Gazette Notification.
The application process for change of name for Majors Gazette Notification, in Maharashtra state, is online. One needs to apply in the government’s official website dedicated to change of name wherein, you will need to upload the application form along with the documents.
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