Guidelines for change of name for Minors.
In India, a person aged below18 years is considered to be a Minor. So when it comes to Change of name for Minors, there may be a slight difference in the procedures for doing a change of name for Minors. A parent is able to change a child’s name by an undertaking/letter. This is actually a parents’ consent form to change the child’s name.


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Guidelines for change of name for Minors.
As mentioned above, for change of name for minors, there needs to be an undertaking (a letter) signed by the parent or legal guardian. This undertaking/letter should mention the details of the minor, like, the residential address and age etc.
You will need to make an affidavit for change of name for minor. You can get the affidavit made from a notary. In the affidavit, mention your Name and your New name that you want. The notary will guide you in this regard. Write your present communication address, and the reason why you are doing a change of name.
You will need to place a Newspaper advertisement for change of name: This is basically a formality; of making a public announcement. So, you need to advertise in 2 newspapers. You can chose a regional language newspaper (your local/state language), and an English daily to place the advertisement for the change of name.
You need to apply for a Gazette Notification/Do a Gazette Notification:
The Gazette Notification part is considered, by many, as the final/last procedure while doing a change of name. A notification needs to be published in the Gazette of the concerned state, regarding the change of name for Minors.
What are the Mandatory Documents required for a change of name for Minors? (Persons below 18 years of age).

Below is the check list of documents for change of name for Minors.

ID Proof: Aadhar card or School id
Address Proof: Ration card or Aadhar Card
Age Proof: Birth Certificate or Bonafide
Photo: One Passport Size Photo
Application Form: Duly Signed by Minor if possible and parents or Guardians.
Note: For online documentation, the supported file format is JPEG.

How to make a change of name for Minors Gazette online. /what you need to do to make a change of name Gazette for Minors online.

Need to Make a Login Id
Log in with user Name & Password
Fill in All the correct details like Old name & new Name / Reason for Name Change / date of Birth, Mobile No & Email Id / Address Etc.
Attach All the Documents ( ID proof / Address Proof / Photo & Application Form ) & Continue
Select the payment options (Net Banking / Credit card / Debit card etc.)
To do a change of name for Minors in the state of Maharashtra, the solution is a Gazette Notification. The application process for change of name for Minors Gazette Notification, in Maharashtra state, is online. One needs to apply in the government’s official website dedicated to change of name wherein, you will need to upload the application form along with the documents.
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