Is it compulsory clear Emigration Check for every ECR passport holder

ECR in Passport means Emigration Check Required, Its basically issued to the applicant who’s qualification is less than 8th standard.
As per the Emigration policy of India its Mandatory for Every ECR passport holder to obtain Clearance from POE ( Protector of emigrant ), if travelling abroad on work visa or employment purpose to only for counties like United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand.

Its in the interest to prevent the Exploitation basically of less educated unskilled Indian workers travelling in the above countries for employment

Other than the Employment purpose, NO emigration is required for ECR Passport holders even travelling to the above countries , only valid visa, Documents & Return tickets are required to travel abroad for ECR ( Emigration Check Required ) Passport holders

4 thoughts on “Is it compulsory clear Emigration Check for every ECR passport holder

  1. Hi, I am Subramanian S.K, from Madurai – Tamil Nadu. I want to go for Holidays trip to Bali. my wife holds a ECR passport, and i Hold a ECNR passport, do she need to clear emigration, if yes what is the procedure ?

    1. Dear Subramanian, dont worry as your wife dont need to Clear any Emigration check as your family is travelling on tourist visa and the visiting country is Bali, which is not listed in those 18 which requires ECR

  2. I am Shakti Singh from Jharkhand. My grandparents planning to visit my uncle living abroad in dubai, and will stay there for about a month, but both of them are holding ECR Passport, is there any issue if they travel on ECR passport to Dubai as i heard ECR passport holder needs to clear Emigartion check if travelling to Middle East Countries ?

    1. Dear Shakti, Hope you are doing well, Its True that if any ECR passport holder is travelling to Dubai, needs to get clearance from Emigration department, but that Policy is applicable only if a person is Travelling on Work or Employment visa.
      But if any ECR passport holder is travelling to Dubai other than employment purpose doesn’t need to go through Emigration Check from POE. Hope this served your query. Thank you

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