Legal procedure to Change Name after divorce in Maharashtra

Legal way to Change Name after divorce for females in Maharashtra

The Following details are only applicable if :

  • If any Female Applicant wishes to change name, Replacing Spouse / Husband Name, Removing Spouse Name after formal Divorce. ( Not Minor )
  • The Applicant should be a resident of Maharashtra State currently with Valid Address proof ( Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Or Electricity bill only )

Dear Viewer, we understand the pain & Struggle one goes during the divorce procedure, Later to complete the Legal & Formal formality, Out of which one is Change of Name of self.

We understand after surfing many website and not getting proper or adequate details how difficult it gets, so we have posted a content only dedicated to change of Name for Female after divorce & Here we pledge you to provide the right legal ways to get it done, we aim to educate the user to process and avoid any fraud & False calm etc. we guide on how to change name in Maharashtra through Maharashtra Gazette Notification. We offers step by step guidance with example, do & don’ts, every single details on the topic,

“ We are sure after you go through the blog you will be expert & confident enough to get your work done by self without any hussle & Legal expert “

We know lots of query might have captured you from the moment you thought of changing your name till now, don’t worry we will answer all your queries, some common queries are already isted, we advise to read the full post to resolve all your queries and still if any left don’t hesitate to call or whatsapp for more details :
What is the legal procedure to change name after Divorce.
What are the criteria to apply, how to check is my Case valid & acceptable in Gazette office
How to explain my Case
How to Apply for Maharashtra Gazette Notification for Change in Name after Divorce.
How will i get the copy of change of Name
What are the documents required?
Do & don’t during the process
How to fill the Change of Name application
How much time will be take
What if my case get disapproved is fee refundable, can i reapply
What are gazette office time, where it is located, Whom and where to contact, contact details if any ( Any Official website )
How much will it cost in total to get copy

Before proceeding let’s decide, whether there is a Need to change name after divorce ?
The answer is a Big YES, Once the divorce proceeding is done & Divorce is granted, it’s always advisable for females to Change the Name or back to Maiden Name and also correct in the documents like Pan card, aadhar Card, Passport, Bank Accounts etc.

Generally Females prefer to Change name or Back to Maiden Name, Replace the Husband Name & Surname with Maidan Middle Name and surname.

Incase, A child is born within then wedlock and after divorce if the custody is with the mother, then she can also change the middle name & Surname with Mothers Name and Surname.

Let’s move on with the details to –
Procedure or guide to Change Name after Divorce,

Generally People often misunderstand the concept & the ask to change the Name, But in reality they are asking to replace husband Name with Father Name, or some time the whole name also but thats in rare case,

The details below are to understand and decide which part of Name you wish to Change, Because the procedure to Change Name & Surname is different, & to change or replace Spouse name is different.

In India, Names are Classified into 3 terms : First Name, Middle name & Surname.

First Name is a Given Name ( A Name of the person )
Middle Name : It’s The Name of Either Father or Guardian, or Husband after Marriage
Surname : Its the Family Surname

For Example :
Before Marriage or Maiden : Chaya Harshnath Sawant ( where : Sunita is a Name of the girl, Harshnath is the Name of the father, Sawant is the Husband Surname Name ) let’s discuss the different case ;

Sunita Rishi devare ( where : Sunita is a Name of the girl, Rishi is the Name of the husband, Devare is the Husband Name ) let’s discuss the different case ;

Here, A girl’s Maiden Name was changed from Chaya to Sunita, and her Father Name & Surname is replaced by her Husband Name & Surname after Marriage .

Now let’s discuss the how to wish to change your Name :
Case 1 : You Wish to Change your complete Name ( First, Middle & Surname as well ) Like : change the name from : Sunita Rishi devare to Chaya Harshnath Sawant

Case 2 : Only want to Remove Husband Name ( keep first name of After Marriage only to avoid complication ) Like : change the name from : Sunita Rishi devare to Sunita devare

Case : 3 : Keep First Name as such and replace husband Name and Surname with Father Name & Surname. Like : change the name from : Sunita Rishi devare to Sunita Harshnath Sawant

Case 4 : Only Change First Name, Like : change the name from : Sunita Rishi devare to Chaya Rishi devare.

Recently female do add maiden surname post marriage also :
Like : Sunita Rishi sawant Devare : where she wishes to remove her husband’s name and surname.

The legal Process or way to change name after divorce :

  • The Most convenient and legal way to change name after divorce is getting a Gazette Notification form the government Gazette, Gazette Notification is Public Journal Publication issued by the government, Being resident of Maharashtra we are required to apply in Maharashtra gazette.
  • The Gazette Notification will show you Old Name and New Name simultaneously, People do get confuse and Call it Gazette certificate, and presume it as a certificate issued individually with photo, signature etc,
  • Apart from you around more than 2000 names would be printed along with you, but yes every case will have a unique registration no through which one can check the authentication of case online.
  • The whole Process of Gazette notification of change of name in Maharashtra has become online since July 2014.

What are the criteria to apply, how to check is my Case valid & acceptable in Gazette office

The Main Criteria to apply for change of Name after divorce in Maharashtra Gazette is :
The applicant must be currently the resident of Maharashtra with Valid address proof ( Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Electricity )
The Applicant must be 18 yrs old to apply.
One can only after divorce is granted by court and divorce decree, order page is ready ( Out of court divorce, Khulanama, Divorce affidavit, Declaration of divorce, any document are not accepted )
If the above are ok with you, one can submit the application with other basic documents like id proof.
Note : If the above conditions are not met, the case will be rejected by gazette officers. Don’t fall prey to any misinformation that still it can we done, legally it cannot as per the latest updates

How will i explain my Case :
There is no physical communication, as everything is online from applying gazette to receival, Best practice is to fill the form correctly, attach a clear copy of accurate documents. The helpline no is there but that is for basic enquiries.

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