Middle Name Change After Marriage

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Middle Name change Due to marriage

Let’s first talk about what a middle name is. As example, let’s take the name Ram Kumar Sharma. ‘Ram’ is the first name the name of the person. The middle name is “Kumar”. A middle name can be of your father or husband. There are people who use their place of birth as their middle name. Example: Ram Kateel Sharma. (Here, Kateel is name of a place). So, now we are clear about what a middle name is.
If you do a change of name without going through the proper procedures, it’s will surely be an inconvenience, later. So, a change of name due to marriage (of for any other reason) should be done through a reliable source. Well! Once married, a women will start using their husband’s name as their middle name, instead of their father’s name. The new name is corrected at her work place too. They will even get the middle name changed due to marriage, on documents like, a PAN card, Aadhar and so on.
Women (actually, most women) do a name change, while few don’t do a name change after marriage. A woman has the liberty to use the last name of her husband to her first name. Or, she can replace her maiden last name with that of her husband’s. In India, women prefer to replace their maiden last name with that of her husband’s. But, then there is a prescribed legal procedure to do so.


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What is the Legal procedure to do a Middle Name Change After Marriage?

• You will have to, first, legally register your marriage. You can download the form from your state government’s website. Then, fill it and submit it at Sub Registrar’s Office.

• You will have to submit photocopies of documents like Aadhar Card, PAN card etc. (the whole set of documents list is mentioned on the government’s website.

• You will have to make an affidavit for Middle Name Change after Marriage. It will have the details like, your previous name, new name and the reason for a change in middle name.

• You will have to publish an Advertisement in the newspaper, announcing the Middle Name Change after Marriage. The change of name guidelines requires you to place an advertisement in the newspaper. You can chose a regional language newspaper (your local/state language), and an English daily to place the advertisement for your Middle Name Change after Marriage. You can see some of the advertisement samples here. Click here!

• You will have to apply for a Gazette Notification for Middle Name Change after Marriage / Do a Gazette Notification for Middle Name Change after Marriage: A notification needs to be published in the Gazette of the concerned state, regarding Middle Name Change after Marriage.

What you need to do to a “change of Middle Name after Marriage” Gazette Notification?

We’ll tell you how to make a “change of Middle Name after Marriage” Gazette Notification in the state of Maharashtra.
The solution is: a Gazette Notification.
The application process for a “change of Middle Name Change after Marriage” Gazette Notification, in Maharashtra state, is online. One needs to apply in the government’s official website dedicated to change of name wherein, you will need to upload the application form along with the documents.
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