Change of name affidavit for passport | Annexure E Affidavit Format / Sample

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Apply for ANNEXURE ‘E’ Deed Poll AFFIDAVIT for Change in Name For Passport Online

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It’s very important to have your Legal / Right Name or New Name on Passport. In case of the Change of Name you need to get an ANNEXURE ‘E’,Deed Poll Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper for PASSPORT. The Passport has its own Standard Format for Change of Name, which they accept. So kindly make exactly in that format to get it done easily. The affidavit for Change of name is required for all the following reasons.

How To Make / Apply For ANNEXURE ‘E’ Deed Poll Affidavit for Change of Name for Passport ?

1. Just Fill in the Form
2. Check & Approve the Drafted Content by E-Mail 
3. Pay By Cash / Online ( Net Transfer / Credit Card / Debit Card )
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NOTE : After Getting Affidavit you also need to Publish the Change of Name advertisement in 2 Newspapers ( 1 Local & 1 national ), And need to submit the Original Copy of 2 Newspapers & Affidavit to Passport Office along with the Change of Name request form.

ANNEXURE ‘E’ | Deed Poll


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When you Change your Name or your children’s names or your Spouse Name / Surname due to Any of the following reasons Like :

After Marriage : After Marriage Changing Maiden Name to In-laws Name
Separation / Divorce : After Divorce or Separation adopting back the Maidan name / Surname
Astrology / Numerology : Change the Name or Spelling in First / Full name based on Astrology & Numerology.
Adoption : Basically for Babies Adoption New name / Father Name or Surname after Parents remarriage etc.
Mistake in School LC :  Correcting the existing Name / Surname error in school & university certificate
Separation / Divorce : After Divorce or Separation adopting back the Maiden name / Surname
Mistake in Birth Certificate : Correcting error in existing Name / Surname which are mistaken in Birth certificate.
Spelling Mistake : Correcting the Spelling Mistake in Legal Documents Like Birth, School certificate etc

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One thought on “Change of name affidavit for passport | Annexure E Affidavit Format / Sample

  1. My surname in my passport as well as school/college documents is misspelled. In place of PAUL it is written PAL, in Bengali both are pronounce ted as PAAL. so initially I did not follow this. But now I have all my legal documents like voter id card, adhar card, bank documents, PAN card, Driving licence etc. are as AMIT KUMAR PAUL, and not as Amit Kumar Pal which is displayed in my Passport and academic document. I want to make my passport as Amit Kumar Paul.

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