Change of Name Gazette in Bangalore

In INDIA, any individual has the freedom & Right to Change Name, Adopt New Name / Surname or Correct wrongly entered Name by self or Parents by mistake in documents like Pancard, aadhar card, voter card, Passport, Bank accounts, Insurance Policy, property papers, service records & other important documents with the help of Gazette Notification. As the Only Legal & Right known procedure to Change Name or Correct the Name wrongly entered is Applying for the Change of name Notification in the Government Gazette. Once the Change of Name Notification is Published in Government Gazette, You can update your New / Correct name in all Important documents by submitting Gazette Copy.

Government Gazette Notification is the only solutions for all Change of Name issues

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Government Gazette is an authorized legal document Published weekly by the Govt Dept of Publication, Every Change of Name Notification Bears Old Name, New Name & Address of the applicant.

The main reasons for Change of Name in India

Change of name / Surname : Due to Astrology or Numerology, Marriage or Divorce fro women, Change of religion, Adoption for Minor.
Rectify the wrongly entered Name in Documents : like Birth certificate, Service Records, School LC, 10th, 12th, Graduation Certificate.
Change / Correct Spelling in Existing Name : Due to Spelling Mistakes, Typing error, Numerology, Wrong entries by Mistake by self or parents long ago,
Add / Remove Surname

But Karnataka Government Press in Bangalore Only publishes the change of name in Karnataka Gazette only if the applicant is Karnataka State Government Employees. All other applicants apart from Karnataka State Government Employees like Private, Students etc residing in Bangalore – Karnataka has to seek their own Legal advice as per Press Manual Article.
Those other applicant from Bangalore / Karnataka can apply for Change of Name Gazette to be publish in Gazette of India Published by Central Government. As its Only Option left to obtain gazette for Resident of Bangalore as Karnataka states don’t Publish Change of name gazette for other than government employees.

Gazette of India accept Change of Name applications from applicant Irrespective of their state or Profession. Any gazette Notification published by the gazette of India is Accepted by all the states & institutions. The Process or Procedure to Change Name or Correct Name legally through Gazette of India Involves 3 Mandatory Steps : 1. Notarized Affidavit for Change of Name, 2. Newspaper Advertisement Publication, 3. Gazette Notification for Change of Name.

The Proper Guidance regarding Documents / Formats are very essential to avoid application rejection / Delay of process. we offer complete assistance & Step by Step Guidance in Process of Change of name in Gazette of India, We help in every step & all Formalities involved till receive of Gazette.

The 3 steps Mandatory steps to be done to get Gazette Notification for Change of Name in Gazette of India

The Official / Gazette officers in Gazette of India are very particular about the requirement, so all the document & below affidavits, Newspaper Publication & Gazette applications has to be exactly as per their guidelines & rules or else the application is returned or rejected. so Kindly prepare it carefully & properly to avoid delay.

Step 1 – Change of Name Notarized Affidavit :

The First & foremost step is Preparing Affidavit, But general one & the same or change of name affidavits are not accepted, the Format is prescribed by the department & the affidavit in that particular format is only accepted.
1. Draft the Affidavit with proper details on the non judicial stamp papers with minimum value.
2. Check & Sign the affidavit
3. Get it Notarized from the Local Public Notary.

Step 2 – Newspaper Advertisement Publication :

The Second step after affidavit is the Publication of change of name advertisement in Local Newspaper. The proper advertisement as per their guidelines is mandatory or else re issue has to be done. so to avoid waste of time & money kindly carefully go thru the guidelines
1. Publish Change of name newspaper advertisement in any Local Newspaper of Bangalore or your residence city. Be particular about the edition. one is free to choose from any newspaper in Bangalore like Times of India, Economic times, New Indian Express, vijay karnataka etc
2. Purchase at least 4 copies of the Newspaper on the safer side

Step 3 – Gazette Notification :

The Last & Most important step is submitting the gazette application to Department of Publication, Government of India, The application Process is Purely Offline. The Gazette of India office is located only in New Delhi. The application can be submitted by visiting Personally or By Post from any part of India. Kindly carefully make notes of documents needs to be submitted along with application.
1. Original Notarized Affidavit
2. Original Newspapers advertisement Cut out
3. Photographs
4. Duly filled / Signed by self & 2 Witness Gazette Application form provided by gazette of India office
5. Copy of Gazette Notification content in word format in CD
6. Applicant Document supporting the cause

Incase visiting personally then can handover all document personally & Pay fee at counter in Cash, or In applying from Bangalore by post then Kindly take a copy of all fro further reference, Speed Post all the above material in a A4 envelop to Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054, and Payment has to be made in Demand draft favouring Controller of Publication, Department of Publication.

After the application is accepted and made is made The copy of gazette will be available on government official site. The time duration fro application made on personal is 15 to 20 working days. and application made by post is 45 to 60 working days