What are the documents required for Minor Passport

Minor Passport is issued to the applicant below the age of 18 yrs. The parents or guardian have to apply for the Minor passport on their behalf.
The Basic Documents required are :
Proof of Date of Birth
Proof Address of Parents / Guardian
Annexure D when both the parents or Guardian given consent
Annexure C when one parents not given Consent due to any reasons like ( Travel abroad / Divorce / Deserted / separated etc )

11 thoughts on “What are the documents required for Minor Passport

  1. I am Pallavi, from Satara, Maharashtra. I want to apply for my daughter’s passport. But I have only her birth certificate, I don’t have any other documents. Can I apply for her passport only by showing a birth certificate?

  2. I am SHIVAM , 32 and my wife is Suman 29. We are from Chipun, Maharashtra. We have adopted a baby girl. I want to apply for her passport. What are the additional documents required?

  3. This is Samira , 44, from Akola.I want to apply for my minor child’s passport. Can I apply for a minor’s passport without submitting my passport copy?

  4. I am Rakesh, 32, Delhi. Is it compulsory to update the Parent’s name in the passport of a minor, after the parents’ divorce

  5. My name is Prachi Shah, 32, from Ahmedabad.I want to apply for my child passport. But, what if my spouse is refusing to sign the application form?

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