Procedure for Change of name in india
Change of Name Or Name Change are generally a legal act which allows a person to adopt a New name different from their Old Name. The procedures and ease of a name change depend on the jurisdiction.

Documentation are Mandatory for Change of Name Legally for the following cases

Issuance of New Passports
Visas and other such legal matters
Changing your Birth name
Change of Name after Marriage ( Basically for Married , Divorcee Women )
Changing your father’s name
Spelling Mistakes in Old Name
Change of Name ( In Case of Change of Religion )
Change of Name After Adoption
The procedure of change of name in India is very easy in India.You just need to follow certain legally procedure. Here’s the step by step procedure to change your name legally in India, and it does not take much effort.

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Step 1 : Affidavit Or Gazette


The first and foremost step is to make an affidavit for change of your name in local Notary.
Kindly Make a Sample format mentioning the Old Name & New Name , Basic Details ,therein mention your specific reason for changing your name.
Get it notarized by the Advocate .
Finally Preserve the Notarized Copy for Further Reference
Gazette ( In case you want Gazette Notification Also ):

Obtain the Change of name form from the state government press which is free of cost;
kindly submit the form after duly filled with Old name & New Name, Address etc.
Pay the requisite fee.
After the publication collect the government gazette copy and preserve it .For any further reference submit the true copies of the relevant Pages of the Gazette.
By Applying for a Change of Name and getting it notarized or Notified will be your first step , to get your name changed. Now proceed to the other Steps
Step 2 : Declaration by Change of Name Advertisement in Newspapers.
After the Step 1 , the other important step is Publishing the Advertisement of your Change of Name.
But the advertisement has to be published in two languages. One in a major circulated English daily and another in any Vernacular daily of your choice. Contact the Newspaper Advertisement agency or office Along with the Affidavit copy for verification. In case of online Request , Fax or Email the Scan copy of Affidavit .
The text for the change of Name Advertisement is very simple and common.

Change of Name Advertisement text sample

” I,….( your old name ) aged about .. years and residing at……( your address ) have changed my as ….( your new name ) for all purpose, under the oath taken by Notary….( name of the Notary ).”

Note : After the Publication , Please try to collect more copies of news papers , You may require it for other change in name in other documents.

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